Canada is a country in North America. Its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean, covering 9.98 million square kilometres, making it the world's second-largest country by total area . With a population of 37 million, Canada is one of the most advanced countries in the world. British Columbia is the richest province of Canada with the population of over 5 million. Yet, more than half a million people in BC live in poverty, nearly a quarter of them are children whose families struggle every day to provide the basics of life: nutritious food, warm clothing and safe shelter. These are working class individuals who just cannot make ends meet.
MAPCanada aims to positively impact the lives of children and families in need by addressing key symptoms of poverty including access to food and shelter, promoting education as a tool for empowerment, breaking the cycle of poverty and responding to the needs of communities in the aftermath of natural disasters. MAPCanada collaborates and supports schools, shelters, community centers and other NGOs in order to ensure that its work has the maximum level of impact and avoids waste and duplication of charitable resources.